safe environmental methods of river gravel extraction


    This paper examines the impact of sand harvesting from rivers on the environment, water quality and quantity along Thwake River, Makueni County. Sand acts as a safe aquifer for water flowing below and through it. Removal of sand results in destruction of underground aquifers and loss of safe water.

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    Draft Gravel Extraction - Waikanae River Assessment of Environmental Effects Instream Lie The methods used to extract gravel from this area are new but have been developed by the Flood Protection Group to minimise adverse effects on the environment and use current


    Excessive instream sand-and-gravel mining causes the degradation of rivers. Instream mining lowers the stream bottom, which may lead to bank erosion. Depletion of sand in the streambed and along coastal areas causes the deepening of rivers and estuaries, and the enlargement of river .

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    River sand mining. In some cases, diesel powered suction pumps are used to extract sand rich sediments from wet pits in the active channels and floodplains. Bar skimming, on the other hand, is the controlled extraction of sand from the exposed sand bars (instream bars and point bars) in the channel environment.

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    safe environmental methods of river gravel extraction extraction of gravel technique stone crusher prise. Safe Environmental Methods Of River Gravel Extraction extraction of gravel technique stone crusher prise sand extraction from river by machine .

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    process and transport gravel economically from both land and river sources. Territorial authorities and Environment Canterbury both play a role in planning for the availability of gravel as well as managing the effects of extraction on the environment. Gravel extraction can maintain and enhance the river environment

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    The extraction of sand and gravel from river, stream terraces, floodplain and channels, conflicted with other resources such as fisheries, recreational functions and with the stability of the river channels. Using field observation and environmental impact assessment guidelines, they identified a host of environmental impacts along Nzhelele valley.