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  • VGrind 360

    With the VGrind 360, VOLLMER presents a five-axis grinding machine for the production of carbide tools with a diameter of up to 100 mm. A special characteristic is the groundbreaking principle of -level machining: The workpieces can be machined on two vertically configured grinding spindles – at the optimum C-axis pivot point.

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    ArrowCool SEM-917-HM Semi-Synthetic Coolant. Light/medium duty. Designed to run on a wide variety of machine tools and applications including milling, drilling, turning and grinding of ferrous metals and cast iron. Extremely hard water tolerant. Chlorine, sulphur and halogen free.

  • Scratches from centerless grinding process - Finishing

    Scratches from centerless grinding process 2004. We have almost produce 1-1.5 million metal shaft in a month. My problem is scratch defect after grinding process. Our material is SUM 2L(low carbon). We use centerless grinding. We use coolant in grinding process. How can I reduce scratch defect? Rio Simbolon rubber & metal - Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Types of Machine Coolant

    For more articles on Machine Coolant and Machine Coolant Safety visit our coolant index, or shop for our Custom Machine Coolant Filtration units. There are now several types of machine coolants on the market, the most common of which can be broadly categorized as cutting oils or water-miscible fluids.

  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal | TOS-HOSTIVAR BUA 20

    Universal Center Grinding Machine without internal grinding device! - for precision grinding of outer, inner such as cone surfaces ... - coolant tank incl. pump and supply i.D. machine request – Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal | TOS-HOSTIVAR BUA 20. company. name. street.

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    Emulsion Cutting & Grinding Fluids. Geared up for production: With superior mechanical lubricity and a higher oil content, TRIM ® emulsions provide a greater boundary layer between the tool and the material. Emulsions are ideal for lower, less than 600 SFPM, applications such as broaching, reaming, deep hole drilling, drilling, tapping, and centerless grinding.

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    Profile Grinding Machine; Honing Machine, Lapping Machine; Rolling Machine; Gundrill Machine; ... Coolant Equipment; Various Jigs & Fixtures; Tool Holder and Tool Presetter; Industrial Machinery. Laser Processing Machine (Cutting/Welding) Gas Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine ... Machines Localized in Indonesia. Various Cranes and Hoists ...

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    Dec 24, 2007 · Cutting fluid or coolant is a liquid added to reduce the friction coefficient between the grain and workpiece by way of cooling and lubricating the cutting site of machine tools by flooding or spraying during broaching, boring, grinding, milling, sawing, shaping or tapping.